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October 2020 Update

We now have nursery care available for children four years old and younger. We believe this will provide our families with little ones this age the opportunity to reconnect with our in-person aspect of our worship service.

Please thoroughly read the regathering update below. We have provided helpful reminders regarding our continuing safety procedures as well as the information for our nursery procedures—check-in, check-out, and workers.


  • REGATHERING REMINDERS & UPDATES (all updates in this section are underlined)
    • Service Time: 10am Sunday Mornings [9:30am – Doors Open]
    • Masks are required for everyone, at all times, over the age of four—per Clay County Health Department (CCHD)—while entering, exiting, moving about within the building, and singing in the worship service.
    • Six feet social distancing is required—per CCHD. We have seating marked out to help us maintain this guidance.
    • Entrance to the Sanctuary will be primarily through the main glass doors near the church sign on the west side of the building. A secondary entrance, for people who need to avoid stairs as well as for our families taking children to the nursery, will be open at the door closest to the flagpole on the west side of the building.
    • Upon your arrival at church, our check in process—following CCHD guidance—includes:
      • Temperature check for everyone. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will need to return home.
      • An evaluation question will be asked of everyone:
        • Have you [or anyone in your family] had close contact—meaning being within less than six feet for fifteen minutes or longer—with anyone who has displayed symptoms or tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 48 hours?”
    • At the conclusion of the worship service, we will dismiss those in attendance by rows from the front to the back. We will exit through the door next to the piano in the Sanctuary, with the exception of one parent who will exit through the door next to the organ in the Sanctuary to go upstairs to the nursery to pick up your child(ren) [more details on this are in the “Nursery Procedures” section].
  • NURSERY PROCEDURES (This entire section is new information.)
    • After entering the building from the secondary entrance, one adult should proceed across the front of the Sanctuary and out the door on the organ side, up the stairs to the nursery to check in.
      • Please do not send any unaccompanied siblings to check in, or check out, a child in the nursery.
      • After checking in a child, please return to the Sanctuary by going back down the stairs, through the organ-side door, and making your way to be seated.
    • When checking in a child to the nursery:
      • Our volunteer workers will be asking if your family has been checked in and completed the temperature scan and screening question.
      • Our workers will be asking if you have at least one, preferably two, changes of clothing for your child in case they have any kind of accident (vomiting or otherwise) while in the nursery.
        • We are also requiring that only bottles for babies and sippy cups for the toddlers be brought in a child’s bag. Our workers will be helping kids with the bottles and cups and then setting them up out of the way to avoid having anyone other than your child getting their cup. We will not be having any kind of food/snacks in the nursery.
      • Our workers will also be asking the responsible adult to sign in and provide a mobile number for the purpose of texting in case they need help with a specific situation.
      • Per our regular practice ensuring the children entrusted to our care are returned to their families, workers will also be placing a numbered band on your child and handing the responsible adult a card with the matching number from the band attached to it.
    • While a child is in the nursery:
      • Per our regular practice ensuring the children entrusted to our care are safe, the child will be cared for by volunteer workers—having no fewer than two adults in the room—who have undergone a background check and training regarding child abuse and our policies to help prevent it in our Children’s Ministry.
      • Our workers will be wearing masks the entire time they are working in the nursery.
      • Our workers will be frequently washing or sanitizing their hands while working in the nursery.
      • Our workers will be regularly sanitizing all frequently touched surfaces.
      • Our workers will be wearing gloves and have the option of using face shields when changing a child’s diaper. Used diapers will be individually bagged and placed in a specific container to be disposed of away from the room at the conclusion of the time the nursery is used for the worship service. Workers will also wash their hands, per CDC guidance, after changing a diaper.
    • When checking a child out of the nursery:
      • One adult should proceed, as soon as your row is dismissed from the Sanctuary, to the nursery to pick up your child(ren).
        • Please do not send any unaccompanied siblings to pick up your child.
      • Our volunteer worker will greet you at the nursery door and ask to see the card with the matching number to the child’s band given to you at check in. After making sure the numbers match, your child will be returned to you along with all accompanying bags, car seats, etc.
      • Please exit the building through the exterior door next to the nursery which exits to the main parking lot.

We thank our church family for your continued faithfulness in our lives together through these unique times—especially as we take the necessary steps to help us care for each other as we enjoy being together at church.


Original Regathering Update  - June 2020














Church Family,


The information in this letter is the starting point of our plan for us as a church to regather in-person for our worship service. We recognize that this plan will need to be adjusted—possibly from week-to-week—as we find areas of concern as we implement this plan and as we have changes in guidance from health and government officials.


We thank you, in advance, for your gracious patience as we lovingly consider each other’s needs in the days ahead of us.


By His Grace and For His Glory,


CBC Ministry Leadership Team:

     Pastor Scott Gordon          Pastor Jamie Cartledge     Pastor Austin Reser

     Mark Foltz                         Cheryl Foltz                        Lori Winquist

     Becky Cartledge                Anita Bross                        Rachel Valenti

     Jimmy Hylton                    Bud Woodside




    • 10am Sunday Mornings. Doors will open at 9:30am.
    • We are asking everyone to park on the west side (main) parking lot.
    • We will have only two entrances to the building:
      • Primary point of entry is the main entrance (glass double doors) closest to the church sign.
      • Secondary entrance, for those needing to avoid stairs, is the metal door closest to the flagpole.
    • All attendees are reminded to observe the health department and governmental guidance of six-feet social distancing while entering and exiting the building.
    • Hand sanitizer is available at both entrances and in restrooms.
    • Masks are being required of all attendees.
      • These are to be used when entering and exiting the building and when singing during the service, otherwise masks may be removed while seated.
        • We acknowledge that some in our congregation likely don’t feel a need to wear a mask while in public; however…
        • Some in our congregation likely don’t feel comfortable in a crowd without wearing one or when in a crowd where numerous folks aren’t wearing one.
        • We believe Scripture plainly instructs those of us with freedom in a given matter to practice restraint for the sake of those who don’t have that same freedom (Acts 15:1-33; 16:1- 3; 1 Corinthians 8, 9).
        • Further, we believe the teaching of Christ (Matthew 7:12; Luke 6:31) and His example (Philippians 2:3-8) compels us to place the needs of others before our “rights.” This means that the need some have for others to wear masks outweighs our right to not wear one.
        • We also understand that some may have a medical condition that prevents them from wearing of a mask. We are asking you to contact Pastor Scott or any member of the MLT regarding an exception related to this issue.
      • Anyone without a mask will have one provided by a member of our Host Team when entering the building.
    • A member of our Host Team will be present at both the primary and secondary entrances.
      • This person will hold the door open for you.
      • This person will be taking everyone’s temperature with a non-contact thermometer. Those with a fever—a temperature reading of 100.4° or higher—will be asked to return home.
    • A member of our Host Team will be recording the attendance of all present for the worship service.
      • This will help us as a church should the need arise for us to contact attendees of a specific worship service in the event that someone who had contracted the Covid-19 virus elsewhere had attended within the fourteen-day exposure time of having tested positive.
    • We have set up an offering location in the foyer for everyone to drop off their tithe or offering. We will not be “passing the plate.”
    • A member of our Host Team will be in the foyer to hand out a “Children’s Packet for Worship,” including crayons, activity sheets, etc., for all children in attendance. Those packets are for families to take home each week. We will have new ones provided each week for our children.
      • We will not have nursery or childcare provided.
      • We encourage our entire church family to enjoy the blessing of seeing our families together in worship during this time. Parents, as you are teaching your children about how to behave “in big church,” please know that your church family will be blessed, rather than offended, by the occasional distraction.
      • We have the Nursery Room and Preschool Room restroom available with a diaper changing station anchored to a wall in each location. We ask that there be only one family member in each room at a time. Please use the provided disinfecting wipes to clean the changing station after use. 
    • We have removed pew cushions, Bible, hymnals, envelopes, and pencils from our Sanctuary to accommodate disinfecting the Sanctuary after use.
      • With the pew back cushions removed, the Velcro by which they are attached is exposed. Please make your clothing choice with this information in mind.
      • If you need a cushion for sitting, please bring pillows or stadium cushions from home.
    • We have set up our Sanctuary to accommodate six-foot social distancing.
      • We believe we can accommodate between 50-65 people in our pews while maintaining required social distancing.
      • We have every other row taped-off so no one is seated in those rows. We can seat people in every other row through the wearing of masks, which reduces how far our breath droplets travel during singing.
      • We have indicators on the backs of the pews to show the space required to maintain social distancing. Each pew can be configured to accommodate either a large family, or smaller families, couples, and individuals.
    • We will have members of our Host Team ushering attendees to your seats. We are doing this to facilitate the least amount of crossover in getting people seated. We will be seating everyone beginning with the front of the Sanctuary and moving to the back.
    • We recognize that with one service we may exceed our Sanctuary capacity. We, therefore, are setting up additional Fellowship Chapel seating in our Fellowship Hall.
      • We are setting up our Chapel seating to maintain social distancing with adequate spacing between groups of chairs.
      • We have established a solid internet connection to assure solid transmission of the worship service live stream to the Chapel seating area.
      • We are considering the Chapel seating as an extension of our Sanctuary and ask everyone who is seated there to treat it as such.
    • We will be guiding the dismissal of everyone at the conclusion of the worship service.
      • Members of our Host Team will be helping dismiss attendees by rows.
      • We will begin by dismissing everyone seated in the Fellowship Chapel area to come through the front of the Sanctuary to be able to say “Hi!” to everyone as they begin our exit through the ‘piano side’ door and out of the building.
      • We will dismiss everyone seated in the Sanctuary beginning with those seated closest to the front then proceeding to the back, following those from the Fellowship Chapel seating out the ‘piano side’ door and out of the building.
    • Regarding restrooms:
      • We encourage everyone to utilize your facilities at home before coming to church in order to minimize use of our church restrooms.
      • We will have the following restrooms available during the worship service: (1) One in the hallway of the ‘piano side’ exit of the Sanctuary; (2) One in the Adult Sunday School hallway downstairs, & (3) One in the Fellowship Hall for attendees in the Fellowship Chapel seating.
      • All restrooms will be stocked with antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer.
      • We are asking that only one person, or one parent with child(ren) enter a restroom at a time.
    • We understand the desire for extended socialization when we gather for worship. We need this to take place away from the building entrance or exit and maintain diligence regarding social distancing.

We thank our church family in advance and encourage all of us in continued patience and compassion towards each other through these unique days as we begin regathering. We are looking forward to seeing many of you again soon, and everyone as soon as possible!